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Today is Jun 1, 2020
Associate District Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R024904E
Call (+65) 9337 7333
About Me
I first started doing sales in 1998, as the youngest and pioneer outdoor sales executive in Gain City. Since then, I have nurtured into a self-motivated and very positive minded person. I have clocked in S$1.5 million of sales in my 2nd month, and topped the sales almost every month with the strength of more than 50 sales executives and managers in the company. I handled outdoor sales, and the opportunities to work at all the exhibitions. I left the company in pursuit to my own career advancement and set up my own logistics company S.A.M Express (2001-2007), with more than 370 corporate clients, from most trades, SMEs to MNCs using my courier services by 2006. My business grew with influential referrals based on strong business relationships.

Since the announcement of Integrated Resort in 2007, I have decided to take up property courses to enhance my knowledge and career advancement. I joined the Express course in March 2007 as Marketing Executive, and I have achieved 4 price-breaking records in the 1st 3 months. I am one of the very few property consultants who handle all kinds of properties - not limited to HDB, condos, bungalows, offices, shops, shop houses, warehouses, factories, land, and F&B.

I am also into management now, currently having 28 associates under my strength.


Diploma in Sales & Marketing
Advertising & Public Relations
Business Managment / Administration
SAEA Accredited Salesperson 
Ceha Equivelent (Resale Net)
CEA Registered (R024904)

Achievements in ERA Singapore

April 2007   -   Joined ERA Singapore
                   -   Top 7th Salesperson (Kovan)

May 2007   -   Promoted to Assistant Marketing Manager

July 2007   -   Top 11th Salesperson (Kovan)

Aug 2007   -   Top 4th Salesperson (Kovan)

Oct 2007   -   Top 15th Salesperson (Kovan)

Nov 2007   -   Promoted to Marketing Manager

Year 2007  -  Top 15th Overall Achiever in Year 2007 (Kovan)

Jan 2008   -   Top 5th Salesperson

Feb 2008   -  ERA Million Dollar Club Member
                      Promoted to Senior Marketing Manager

May 2008   -  Top 3rd Salesperson 1st Quarter 2008 (Kovan)
                      Top 15th Salesperson in ERA Singapore 
                      Top 2nd New Achiever in ERA Singapore 

Nov 2008   -   Promoted Marketing Director

Year 2008  -  Accredited SAEA with Resale Net
                   -  Top 12th Overall Achiever in Year 2008 (ProActive)

May 2009   -   Promoted to Senior Marketing Director

Year 2009  -  Top 6th Overall Salesperson in Year 2009 (ProActive)
                   -  Top 93th Achiever in ERA Singapore in Year 2009 

Mar 2010   -   Top Recruiter (Culture)

April 2010   -   Top Manager (Culture)

Aug 2010   -   Top Manager (Culture)

Sept 2010    - Top Manager (Culture)

Nov 2010     - Top Manager (Culture)

Year 2010   -  Top 4th Overall Salesperson in Year 2010 (Culture)
                    -  Top 3 Manager (Culture)
                    -  Top 183th Achiever in ERA Singapore in Year 2010
                    -   ERA Asia Pacific ELITE Award Winner

Mar 2011    -    Top Recruiter (Culture)

Apr 2011     -   Top 1st Salesperson (Culture)

Year 2011   -   Top 2 Manager (Culture)
                    -   Top 5 Producer (Culture)
                    -   Top Recruiter (Culture)

Year 2012   -    ERA Asia Pacific ELITE Award Winner

Year 2013   -   Top 150th Achiever in ERA Singapore
                    -   ERA Asia Pacific ELITE Award Winner

Apr 2014     -   Top 29 Achiever (Div)
    -   Top 300th Achiever in ERA Singapore
                    -   ERA Asia Pacific ELITE Award Winner



My mission is to professionally represent your interests above all others whether you are buying, selling or renting. I feel my clients are much more than mere transactions, they're my, tomorrow and beyond.

To fulfill all my clients' real estate needs and wants by carefully listening, researching, and finding the most appropriate properties that meet those needs and wants. Buyers and Sellers deserve more than accurate and current market information, honesty, and an agent who has integrity and professionalism. Sellers' properties should be sold in the shortest amount of time and for the best market value with my marketing, presentation and negotiating capabilities.

Client care services are a top priority and will be my hallmark.

Giving you the confidence to make the right move, presents my motto: 

Ability, Aspiring, Achieving
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